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Solomon Sessions

Headed over to Solomon's for another session. The usual process of catching up on life, playing with his niece, and then going through our recent inspirations. Eventually we get to the music though, but that never takes long. From first note, to fully recorded track is between 30 mins- 2 hours. In a good session, we've walked away with 3 full songs dude within 12 hours, from hook to adlibs to verses.

Every classic MC has their go-to producer. Its just a hip-hop historical fact. The chemistry let's the creative side flourish, from DJ Jazzy Jeff and Will Smith all the way to Drake and 40. I've paid different producers for songs here and there, but there's no replacing the vibe when you can just chop it up and have an understanding of where you both stand musically. Its a beautiful thing! If you ain't got a Solomon, betta get you one!

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