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Jarrel Steven-Thomas Lynch a.k.a Jay-El, born in Jersey and raised on Farmers Blvd in Queens, NY, has always had a love for R&B and pop music. Mom never allowed rap music to be played often, so R&B and Gospel was often heard in the Low/Lynch household. “Dial my Heart” by The Boys was the first cassette tape played CONSTANTLY until he was introduced to groups like Shai, New Kids on the Block, All 4 One, New Edition & Bell Biv Devoe.


As he got older, Jay-El developed his own love for Boy Bands/Pop/R&B music that made him want to dance and sing songs. Blackstreet, Kid & Play, Tevin Campbell, Backstreet Boys, O-Town, Craig David and the list goes on. No matter where he went, Jay-El got a special feeling when music was involved.


Late into his high school tenure and going into college, it made sense that theater would play a heavy role and introduce musicals into Jarrel's life. The first show he saw was “Into The Woods”.  When asked about this, all he could say is: “It's amazing…. all it takes is one moment and you are hooked for life.” Interestingly enough, theater also brought “The Label Noir” founders together, and that is a gift that continues to give in the form of art and family.  Jay-El is currently working on a promotional cover series mixtape where he can share the music that shaped his passion and bring back those memories to fans seeped in that same nostalgia.

Music is something you are influenced by on a greater scale, u listen to it, yet you SEE the passion in the artist performing it. You FEEL when they hit a note perfectly.  Jay-El is determined to develop his craft so that his passion can be shared with others who feel the same love for music and art as he does.  Stay tuned for his mixtape, and we encourage you to be part of his journey.



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