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Ursa Major

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Live at The Well (Brooklyn)
Live at The West End
Berlin (Eurotour)
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Ursa Major is known as the MC, Poet and Griot who makes up his own rules. With inspiration coming from multiple genres, he is best defined as the exception to what’s expected among the hip-hop fraternity. Ursa Major admits that “it didn't take long to find where I fit but it took a long time to believe there was an audience for my music because I knew my music was different.”

Ursa Major is a Brooklyn native raised in Bellmore, Long Island.  He is known throughout the New York underground scene for his potent lyricism, his unique outlook, and his seemingly endless grind. His artistry was developed way back when he knew he had an affinity for vocabulary, had much to say, and enjoyed rhyming although rapping at home was forbidden. His accomplishments include being nominated as Campus Socialite’s “Best College Rapper;” being a headlining act at at numerous notable New York venues such as The Nuyorican Poets Cafe, The Delancey, The West End, and Amityville Music Hall; making his debut at SXSW sharing the stage with notable acts such as Kosha Dillz, Jabee, and A Band Called Fuse.  Also, he spent 5 weeks in Europe on a self-booked tour  that included show stops in Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, London, and Barcelona.  To help control his dream, he teamed up with friends who were already producing music, began sharpening his natural song writing skills and formed a record label. Through the record label, called The Label Noir, he continues his mission to provide a place where artistic expression could flourish; where everyone could purely express their truth and explore their dreams independently of industry pressure.  


Ursa Major is a first-generation Haitian-American who is fluent in five languages, and Majored/Minored in English and Theater while in college. He understands the power of words, as well as the potential effects of performance art. He is a self-described “modern day griot” an educator who uses the healing powers of Hip-Hop, music and poetry to teach creative writing to young students. Ursa Major is a MC lyricist who takes pride in his lyricism and his songwriting and most definitely embodies all that a Hip-Hop artist can be.


Ursa Major has currently released 3 EP’s through The Label Noir.  The first is Polaris. Polaris features an edgy blend of conceptual storytelling, lyricism of the golden era, and the songwriting chops of a modern artist pushing the genre forward. To accent his summer Europe Tour, he released a double EP entitled L’ÉTÉ, divided into an A.M. and P.M. portion.  L’ÉTÉ is french for summer and is a reference to his European tour that started and ended in Paris, as well as a nod to his Haitian roots.  This project solidified his range as an artist.  He refuses to be placed into boxes, and L’ETE is all about what exploring what hip-hop can sound like.  Making a statement and etching his place in Hip Hop, MC Ursa Major dares to push the limits and frames his artistry beyond the average concept of the genre. Each track rides a rhythm and tests those encouraged to push The Label Noir to the next level.  Production on his projects have included collaborations with Vice Souletric, Highly Affiliated, Matthew Lawrence, and Theme Music.


When asked about what the future holds, he looks forward to his impending fatherhood, creating visuals that make his music more accessible to wider audiences, helping his label mates prepare their own releases, and returning to SXSW in 2019 as a “much more polished artist and industry executive.”





Ursa Major

Ursa Major


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