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Creating a Website, and What Makes us Different

Its 1 am, the morning after Independence Day. Everyone I know is drunk, asleep, or a combination of the two. No judgments here, but that's just not my situation. Here I am, sober as ever, and clicking on random things hoping that this website actually looks presentable. I'm far from a professional. I don't know what the heck I'm doing. The only thing pushing me is that I see the end goal....

We have these discussions within The Label Noir, about what real music is, about what makes us difference, and how we can stand out. The ones who make it, aren't very concerned about their content. All they're worried about is their production. Their GRIND. They'll promote, and promote, and they won't take no for an answer. Artists who make "quality content" or I should say those who are actually concerned with developing their craft, have this sense of entitlement. Its subconscious, subtly stated, but its there: "I shouldn't have to MAKE you listen to my music. I shouldn't have to PUSH this on you. You should just try it because it has to be good."

We understand the grind though. We entered this music business, understanding that our talent is just a bonus. Putting quality records is only the icing on the cake. We've gotta compete. So while I hope you enjoy your recovery, I'll be here clicking away, hoping that I launch this website the right way.

Thanks for reading, and remember: Real Music Rises.

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