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We're Back Again!

Ladies and Gentleman: We're back! First off, I'd like to apologize for the hiatus. I know some of you were getting used to the regular blog posts, and we definitely want to get back to that. Just know that no news is good news. We've been working! Alright, let's catch you up real quick:

First: Boom, shout out to for putting me as a news story. Its truly an honor to be considered news for the words that I wrote. If you'd like to read that full article, check it out here:


Next order of business: The Polaris EP is out now and available. This is the first official release of The Label Noir, and my first official release of original content. This project has gotten some very positive reviews so far, and we've been blessed with several blog features from around the world. If you have listened to it, tell a friend. If you haven't, its available now on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Tidal, Amazon Music, Google Play, and everywhere else! PLEASE, PRETTY PLEASE: Follow my Spotify pages, and add your favorite songs to your playlists so that your friends can hear it too.


I want to shout out The Earwaxx Sessions, because they allowed me to headline and showcase the talent of some of our Label Noir affiliates. The Polaris EP Release Concert was an unbelievable success. We had a packed house able to witness how #realmusicrises and the response was overwhelming. Special shout out to Solomon Peck, nikmoody, and Noble Nobu for willing to be a part of my crazy ideas. I also would like to thank the Stargazers, because I always knew I could make music, but I never thought I would be able to have a band of talented musicians behind me. We'll have plenty of footage of that legendary night for those who missed it, or want to relive it.


Speaking of shows, this was a good month for us. Besides the one in Amityville, Solomon Peck and I both had the privilege of performing at Art N Soul Sessions in W. Babylon. I'm telling you to come check out the L.I. art scene! So much special things are happening there. Special shout out to Bebe for being the illest booking agent I know, and Nicole Oquendo, who has become a fan, friend, and one of the most honest poets I know. I encourage her and everyone else who feels that they have a voice to keep pushing, keep writing, and keep reaching towards what you want. You WILL get better every time you try, and you'll accidentally pick up some overwhelming support along the way.


Other than live shows, we've also been working on some new music. If you think you want to work with anyone here at the label, don't be afraid to reach out. Shout out to Scorpio P for releasing his first record in 5 years. Black Magic was the right song at the right time in so many ways. I appreciate you DEMANDING that I be a part of it. Its available now on soundcloud. Also shout out to Harvey Leona for being a good friend above all else. The music is always a reflection at where we are in life, and we're thankful to share parts of it with you bro.


Last, but not least: Where can you find us next? Solomon Peck will be performing at Amityville Music Hall for a Valentine's Day Special on Feb. 14th. Solomon Peck, Ursa Major, & Harvey Leona will be performing at Art N Soul Sessions Friday, February 17th. Also, Ursa Major & The Stargazers will be performing in Manhattan at Leftfield on Ludlow March 4th. The Bayo Fayemi Group (Which includes the guitarist and bass guitarist from the Stargazers) also have another show that Saturday night. That show will be at the WIlliamsburg Music Center for $10. That's plenty of dates to put into your calendar for real music!


I just want to end this post by saying that we're thankful for everyone's continued support. We have other exciting things lined up like shows in Atlanta, Washington D.C., Austin Texas at SXSW, Europe, and even Japan. Remember: T-Shirts, Hoodies, and other apparel are for sale on our website. Every penny goes towards building our business and expanding our ability to make the music that matters to you. If you just want to support the cause, feel free to send it to our paypal account:

Thank you for all that you do to help real music rise.

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